Like several topics that challenge religion, evolution for example, the more we argue the subject of homosexuality, the more Reason supports homosexuality. However, the difficulty, or debate, is clear and simple: A very large number of people believe that the Bible is God’s infallible word. Now, the Bible is very, very clear about homosexuality. Therefore, only two options exist: reject the Bible as God’s infallible word, or reject homosexuality as acceptable.

Another problem with homosexuality is the statement “I feel this way” is not a strong enough argument to support anything. Even the statement “I’ve always felt this way” cannot be used to justify any action, behavior, or state of being. Everything can be justified with that argument, and if everything can be, then nothing can be. On the other side, heterosexuality has the argument of function and biology, but that last argument may not be usable either.

It is possible, even likely, that we will someday discover some biological explanation of homosexuality. But it does not seem that even that can be a final argument, for biology may support other behaviors or states-of-being such as violence or promiscuity.

My questions always lead me here: the increase in homosexuality over the last two decades must be considered and should be examined; it stands to reason that an explanation of that increase would explain a great deal. The heart of the matter is always what matters most. It seems that one (or both) of two explanations must be true: either many people in the past supressed and denied their homosexuality, or more people are becoming homosexual. If more people are becoming homosexual, that suggests that socialization and psychology, not biology, are the causes. Which Reason can support. The disintegration of the family, the increase in fatherlessness, the increase in ease in life and the increase in time and ways to seek fulfillment, all these social and psychological factors logically result in an increase in homosexuality.

Certainly the acceptance of and proliferation of homosexuality has ebbed and flowed through human history.

I wonder if the current acceptance can be explained by the power of repetition, which has been a continuous force in human history.

from: http://eugenecho.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/eugene-dan-savage-and-the-gay-conversation/

“We are not completely certain what the factors are in determining sexual orientation”

from: SDA in Seattle:

I think it is perfectly natural for people to wonder: what makes someone gay? Humans are curious creatures. I wonder what causes it, myself. It would be silly for me to get upset at you for wondering what causes it. Is it a weak father/domineering mother? Is it purely
genetic? Nature or nurture? Did God make me this way?

The truth is, I don’t know. And believe me, I wish I knew. In recent years, there have been a few different studies that seem to indicate some sort of genetic link, but it is far from certain or specific (I’m sorry, I don’t have any specific links to reference off hand). It seems
entirely likely that, as you suggest, it may be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. That would certainly explain why nobody has been able to figure it out yet.

It doesn’t seem to be purely genetic, or identical twins would always be the same orientation. There is plenty of documentation of twins where one was gay and the other straight. And if it were purely genetic, it seems logical that it would have been bred out of the gene pool long ago.

It doesn’t seem to be purely upbringing. There have been gay people in every culture in all of human history, every continent, every religious background, every tribe, every country, no matter how affirming or how barbaric gays were treated. If it were upbringing, it would have to be something so basic that it would occur in every human culture ever known. And it occurs in all sorts of other species all over the globe. So it cannot be caused by some sin or flaw of human child rearing.


While there have been people to “tried on” homosexuality, the vast majority of gays did not choose to be gay. They simply didn’t. I have never met anyone who chose their sexual preference. I have never met anyone who could point to the moment they decided to be heterosexual. This seems to cause difficulty for the Bible. Can something inherent from childhood be sin?

Certainly a sexual preference can be wrong. There are some terrible sexual preferences.

Here’s another point, no one chooses their weakness. No one decides, on some day in childhood, “I will struggle with lying but not with theft.”

Getting to the heart of the matter is good. Identifying causes is infinitely more useful than identifying effects. The way the world works is necessary… and good. We have free will. And all our actions have cumulative effect.

The subject of homosexuality is like the larger question: is God in control? The questions about homosexuality can be answered the same as the question: Is God in control?

If you believe in the God of the Bible, the first thing you must believe is that he is beyond our understanding. Any attempts to “explain God or God’s doings or to speak on his behalf are illogical and ludicrous. Now, the second thing you must believe is that God is wise and powerful enough to create a world that does not need supernatural intervention to run. Or, in other words, that the way life works in intentional. This answers the question “How could God have let this happen?”

Is God in control? That is not reasonable to believe. Moving on, does God exert his control on our lives? We have to answer, “No” or we create too much trouble for our faith. If God actively controls all things… well, he has some ‘splaining to do. We cannot believe that God actively controls all things and believe in a loving God.

So, one of three possibilities exist.

  • The first possibility is that God does not exist.
  • The second possibility is that God created a world that does not need supernatural intervention… and he does not intervene.
  • The third possibility is that God is everything the Bible claims, but he has been “silent” for many, many years.

This is the most exciting of the possibilities. It does seem that life changes, both in appearance and feel. We understand so much more than ever before. Exponentially more. Could we be racing to a profound understanding that, among other things, once again marries the spiritual and the physical?


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