Pastors. Sports.

4-13-08 – journal

Does your pastor live in a nicer house than the majority of his parishners?
tragically, it has to be that way… because the people are following the person.
The person has to be something or have something worth following. And
that thing is personality… and the appearance of successfulness or
having-it-all-together are part of a personality that attract followers.

The people that attend church are following the pastor. The best, then,
that we could hope for it: Follow me as I follow Christ. However…
show me the pastor who lives and acts like Christ. It is easy to find
the pastor who claims such a life; who can expound for hours on how
hard pastoring is and all the Christ-like sacrifice it requires.
However, the pastor lives a comfortable life, both in material
possessions, lifestyle, and time.


80% of feeling good is looking good. Is that true?


And suddenly, on a Sunday afternoon, basketball seemed very, very foolish.
Throwing a ball into a hoop, trying to keep others from doing the same.
Why are millions of people cheering and raging? Why are the players
paid outrageous riches—100 to 1000 times what the common man is paid.


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