Success – Part III, Experiencing the Spiritual

Knowledge means little.
Action is all.

Have the students DO what they should know.
For example:
they should practice ASSIGNING MEANING AND EXTRACTING MEANING… not just hear about it
they should practice FOCUSING… not just hear about it

How do you become great?
Would you rather be Jay Leno, or the guy who edits the video? Either can be great.

What causes someone to become great?

  • Upbringing?
  • Timing?
  • Perspective of self?
  • Key relationships?
  • Education?
  • Exploration?
  • Creativity?
  • Daring?

All those things in combination, but even in combination, they do not guarantee success.

The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people have mastered themselves in one or more areas. For example: they are motivated and disciplined enough to practice the guitar every day for four years; or to deny themselves immediate reward for greater, later rewards; or they see their goal more clearly and move toward it more purposefully; find and do what they love.

The reality must be, like everything, that success is impossible to categorize and itemize. Like Successful Teaching, Successful anything…
That said, success can be categorized… after the fact.

Success in anything

The reality is that the successful are different than the unsuccessful. They think differently. Success can be a good teacher, as those who achieve uncommon success often learn uncommon lessons.

The best explanation and conclusion I find is… FATE.
Fate explains almost every successful person. It certainly explains Kurt Vonnegut.

UPDATE: Hey, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book about this: Outliers


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