Teaching. Wisdom/Understanding.

Is the core curriculum in conflict with electives?

Electives are easier to grade, feedback is more immediate, they offer a richer class experience, further marginalizing core curriculum. Elective schedules trumps core classes.
(Add my earlier thoughts on: “every excused absence trivializes my class”. Everything becomes more important. What’s the point of my class, then, if everything is more important? If anything is an excuse to be absent?)

The main object of the teacher is combating futility in the curriculum.

How many of the students in your classes will be successful? How many of them will even be good spellers? Or use proper grammar? From Socrates to the latest Gallup Poll, it is continually confirmed that the majority of people have a below average intelligence, or are unenlightened… and that statistic will remain true… in your classroom.

The first thing the Philosopher/King understands is that the vast majority of his subjects are unenlightened.

The more I understand, the more I understand just how many people are in Plato’s Cave… and how deep in they are.


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