Evolution. Atheism. Theism. Teens. Slang. The Myth of Multitasking.

The fact that every physical process has a scientific explanation in no way disproves the spirit world.

In fact, could a universe that does not require supernatural intervention suggest the existence of the supernatural as much as disprove it?

Everything happens before 19. And everything after 19 is merely a continuation of what you’ve done before 19. This means that high school is the most important time of your life–time that should be spent with great
seriousness. High school is a time to work hard at what you like, even if a career path is not yet identified.

Teens are not master multi-taskers (as a recent publication claimed). And as a side note, neither is their use and creation of slang something to be applauded.

This worship of teens is misplaced at best, and dangerous at worst. Teens need confidence, but confidence is built through accomplishments, not premature praise. In fact, praising them for nothing or what they have yet to do produces the opposite effect; it causes neither greater confidence nor greater efforts, instead it produces confusion, self-centeredness, and apathy.

It is illogical that children would believe they know more than adults.


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