Why doesn’t marriage mature more men?

Marriage is supposed to mature a person. One of the neatest things about marriage is that it requires and causes maturity.

So why doesn’t marriage mature more men, then? Of course the question is wrong.

Why don’t men mature in marriage? Why do some men seem to become less mature after marrying?

One explanation might be that they simply do not know they can, or are supposed to, mature in marriage.

Even if one is not religious, and therefore does not subscribe to such ideas as: “it is the devil’s doing”, there do seem to be forces at work here. Why would society/culture work to keep men from maturing? Yet we can find evidence of just that: keeping lust inflamed in men, keeping men from doing real work by pushing imaginary work (video games, sports). Said this way, it is easy to see that money is driving such efforts. Sales matter more (to individual companies) than advancing humanity. Indeed, maturity stops consumerism.


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