TNT is a blog (!)

I have finally moved TNT to a blog.

It used to be a static webpage which meant I would have to re-write the html and upload the new page each time I wanted to post a new TNT show.

That’s so Web 1.0.

Now I can update the TNT page from any computer (that’s connected). I don’t need the html file. I don’t need Dreamweaver. I don’t need to ftp the file to my host. Subscribing is easy.

Here’s the process now:

  1. Make a poster frame
  2. Upload the .mov and poster frame to the host, any host.
  3. Make a new post on the TNT blog page that links to the new files.

Oh, there are easier ways. I could upload the video to Veoh or GoogleVideo, copy the “embed” code and paste it into a new blog post.

And I tried that. But the quality of the video was below my standards horrifying. You’ve watched video at YouTube/GoogleVideo/Veoh/etc. It’s very easy to upload, find, view, embed the video. But the quality… whew. Stinky. I don’t know why that is. I think Flash video is capable of high quality. It plays as it loads, so file size is not a concern. I don’t know.

Go the beginning of the TNT episodes. I have posted a Veoh flash video before a Quicktime version so you can see the difference.

Talk to you later.


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